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#261: ‘Isn’t She Lovely?’



How Long Will I Love You: Isn’t She Lovely?- One Shot #261

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“I can’t believe we made her, babe.” Harry cradled the tiny, snuffling bundle, in his hands.

He was tired. In fact, he couldn’t remember a time where he had felt more exhausted in his entire life, but she was here. The little thing that had been kicking his palms for months. He’d heard her heartbeat thud through a clunky looking machine. Lay beside you and watched limbs and knees and hands, roll and jab against your skin, once she got a little bigger. He watched you grow and grow and grow, insisted on taking a photo of you every day in the same spot in the kitchen. Cried when he learned the little thing making flutters somewhere below your bellybutton was in fact, a daughter. He would be a father to a baby girl. He watched her come slowly into the world. Held your shaking body in his arms, wracked with exhaustion, the look in your eyes, pleading with him to make it all stop. While all he could do, was watch it happen. His hand, hooked under your knee, his lips to your shoulder, with his breath was in your ear, spurring you on, coaxing you to keep going, when your head would land back against his shoulder and through dry lips, you had sputtered that you just couldn’t do it anymore. He’d been the one to catch her. His hands, the first her skin had felt.  Guided by the trusted midwife between your shaking legs. He remembered his fingers finding her shoulders, they were warm and slick, and he had worried about getting a proper grip on them, as she slid free. She felt so much smaller than he had expected her to. He’d pulled her up, his  fingers shaking, guided by the experienced ones of the midwife, onto your heaving chest. And once she hit the warmth of your chest, she gave the shrillest of wails. He’d never been more relieved to hear someone cry. 

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